Afrika Museum Installation by Bas Kosters Studio

Afrika Museum Adam Eve


Transgender genesis party- Exhibition

From 8 April till 4 November 2012 a specially designed Bas Kosters Studio installation will be the main piece of the exhibition in the Afrika museum at Berg and Dal.  Bas designed the installation based on the story of Adam and Eve: ‘In a playful and naïve way I have changed the way of viewing at the iconic image of Adam and Eve and paradise. As human mutants my Adam and Eve are the center of their own transgender genesis party. With this installation I celebrate confusion and uncertainty, originality, craftsmanship and joy of life. All visual elements are present but are re- interpreted and expressed into delicate materials in opulent colors and exciting contrasts.



Exhibition 'Goddelijk en Griezelig- het geheim van de slang'

Afrika Museum, Postweg 6, Berg en Dal (bij Nijmegen)

8 April- 4 November 2012

Afrika Museum Installation