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Bas Kosters Dash Column 40: "Fetish Fashion"

Posted on: March 31, 2015 - Posted in: blog,column

As vintage erotica is an inspiration for my work, I have a good excuse to surf the web for obscure images. I once found a website dedicated entirely to jeans fetish sexy pictures categorised in the then popular jeans brands like Levi’s and Lee Jeans. Also nowadays different kinds of clothing and clothing brands are the subject of people’s sexual desires. Especially in the gay scene there are fetishes for sportswear, sports shoes, underwear and sport socks. There are a lot of tumblr’s dedicated to sexy boys with Adidas tracksuits, Nike socks and Nike sneakers.
Sometimes real fetish latex and leather wear finds it’s way to the catwalk as an inspiration, but as we can see also fashion or clothing can find it’s way to the fetish world. How does this sexual attraction match with the brand identity of the Fashion label concerned? Can a picture of a half naked guy with a stiffy wearing a pair of Nike air max on be considered as free publicity for Nike? And do the PR managers at such a company embrace this side effect of their brand, or would they rather not see their items engaged in sexual intercourse? Sexuality is an important part of our lives, and also a big inspiration for the fashion scene, but I am not sure if brands or designers do realize what that could lead to. I would be honoured if some one would get aroused from a Bas Kosters suit and squirt all over it, so if anyone feels they need to, please contact me.

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