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Bas Kosters Dash Column 46 Liberation

Posted on: May 8, 2015 - Posted in: column

What an eventful week, in Holland we celebrated National liberation day, in New York they celebrated the Met Gala.
I spoke yesterday at an event, a lecture about identity, and the use of myself as a carrier for artistic expression, which off course is a direct result of the freedom that I have in my daily life. To me this is a very important right, which I value greatly. This freedom not only results in my actions but also in my choice of dressing.
My thought for this week was how we express freedom in the way we dress, and then I stumbled upon several posts of dressed up Met gala visitors. Flipping trough the pictures of men in neat suits and women in beautiful dresses made me wonder how they experience their freedom. One hot topic was body-hugging dresses with cut outs at the side and around the hips and bottom, the other trend was dresses with a long train.
Everybody looked their best, and looked amazing, but also very stereotypical and gender obedient. How much freedom can they actually take whilst dressing them selves for this event? And showing off your half naked female body, is that an act of freedom and pride, and can it be seen as an act of liberation, or is it an act of obedience to a stereotypical society where gender is still not liberated.
Wouldn’t it have been nice to have seen an act of rebellion, or anarchy in this parade of luxury and fame, a statement to the world to say, things can be different and realize the freedom that most of us have is a great gift, because in other parts of the world this freedom is a scarcity.

In other parts of Europe there will be liberation days these coming weeks, how will you celebrate your freedom? And will you express it in your fashion? I do hope so, because it is an issue to be aware off.

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