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Bas Kosters Dash Column 47 Outer space trend report

Posted on: May 19, 2015 - Posted in: column

I am in Denmark this week to teach fashion. The first I noticed was that also in Denmark everybody has big colourful shoes.  Bright, opulent, fluorescent shoes, or trainers to be exact. This is not the newest trend but it is definitely a thing. They brighten up any dull and bland outfit they are usually worn with.
Four years ago there was an enormous comeback of the Chuck Taylor by Converse. But judging by their latest campaign, worn down shoes lying on a white background, they seem to acknowledge their defeat. The shoes look like corpses, lifeless and run down. What a difference with all the neon bright Adidas, Nike and Asics trainers around. Like shining treasures on your feet.
The new trainer, is looking speedy, with new sole designs, made of techno fabrics, or even knitted, innovation in shoe design for training, running but also for fashion. And colour is the key word.
I was just wondering this week just how far this global collective consciousness concerning our choice of trainers actually goes. I don’t know if you believe in life on others planets? The existence of aliens? If they exist and they are able to monitor our movements, would they be able to detect the same trends in fashion?
And if aliens wear clothing and shoes, I bet they would look great in these big and shiny and colourful trainers. But maybe they are way ahead of us in wearing innovative footwear. Innovation that goes way beyond our breathing techno fabrics. Imagine the things they could wear or make, would it not be great we could tap into their lives, and get inspired, the way we can now with other people all over this world. Let’s strive for an intergalactic collective consciousness, now that is what I call awesome.

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