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Bas Kosters Dash Column 48 Shake my hand, I’m your friend

Posted on: May 20, 2015 - Posted in: column

To my happy surprise I can now send multi racial emoticons to my friends, and I think it is so cool. It is a kind of “better late than never” happiness, because it actually shouldn’t be more than normal. For a worldwide used app like emoticons is, the fact that they are engaged in striving for equality is a good thing. Next to multiracial emoticons, they also have a queer and lesbian emoticon.  Although the biggest battles have been fought concerning racial and sexual equality, there is still a way to go, could emoticons help us in making a better world?
When I was young I had many dreams about the alteration of my appearance. What if I could be white as snow, or a bit taller, or change shape, just as I change outfit. Things that go beyond the possibilities we have now. What would actually happen in this world if we could change colour as easy as our emoticons?  Would we use colour change as a way for better understanding our fellow men and women? Or would it become the newest fashion hype. Colour match your skin with your outfit, it is the latest craze. Or even better a designer could design your skin colour together with your new clothes.
What would the global population look like when we could choose our race, or sexuality? How would the numbers be, and how would they compare to our current population. I wish we could give it try.
Does this freedom of choice concerning our personality lie in our future? And if so, what would you choose to be? what is your desire? I would like to be a gay albino with protruding ears and bright blue eyes. 

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