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Bas Kosters Dash Column 50 Marianne toilette

Posted on: June 3, 2015 - Posted in: column

Good morning, I just came out of the shower. Actually I shower everyday, because else I do not have the feeling that my started properly. How about you?
I was joking around with my assistants last week, and somehow I managed to corrupt Marie Antoinette’s name into Marianne Toilette. We had a good laugh, and I made this drawing about it. Marie Antoinette lived in an era where looks could be deceiving, to say the least. She lived in a time where make up and beauty products were used, but off course they were not up to the standards we are used to. Their beauty products could be called the ancestors of the products we use today. On the paintings we see, people from that era look great, their looks are exuberant, big clothes with bows and frills in opulent rich materials, jewellery and big fluffy hair. But when you really think of it, they must have been smelly, very smelly and unhygienic. With no showers or toilets I can just not imagine how it would be to live then.
The thing that surprises me is that we have come such a long way in hygiene, and yet most people look so general. From a time where dressing looked so enthusiastically exciting, unpractical and big, to an era of dressed down apparel, and body conscious clothes with a focus on comfort.
I wash most clothes every time after I have worn them, but a few years ago a friend told me that he did not, because he liked the natural smell that built up over time whilst wearing the garment, and also with jeans, people say you should not wash them too often. These are things to think about. Should we become less hygienic and more exciting? Wear a big smelly dress with bows and frills? Maybe being less clean might be a new standard? Let’s get dirty.

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