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Bas Kosters Dash Column 51 Old news

Posted on: June 11, 2015 - Posted in: column

I am wearing a pair of pants today, which I bought in 1999 when I was in art school, and a Snoopy shirt that I bought in NY in 2004. I am glad I still fit them, they are part of my history called: Wardrobe.
There has been so much to do about conscious fashion lately, which is a good development but how will we get this development transformed into a new standard.
A lot of steps are needed to come form an idea to a new standard, but it is definitely possible. Around 12 years ago magazines started incorporating vintage fashion in fashion shoots. Although the term “vintage” is often misused, let us use it in this context as a term for a piece that is from a few seasons ago. The use of these so-called vintage items lead to a wide spread acceptance of re-used or older pieces that still have a contemporary quality. In every leading city there are tons of vintage designer re-seller shops nowadays. Can magazines be held accountable for this acceptance, and if so, how can they use their power in this day and age?
Fashion magazines bring you the latest news on fashion and lifestyle, but nowadays they not as quick as the fashion websites. A new road to take for magazines could be to create exclusive content, as all the new collections have already been seen on the net. So what if this exclusive content would be orientated more towards building your history A.K.A Wardrobe, instead of focussing mostly on the new. Could that way of acting and thinking give the “conscious fashion” trend that extra push it needs? A new responsibility could lye here before them; do you think it should be theirs to take?
I will go trough my wardrobe again tonight, to see what’s there to rediscover.

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