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Bas Kosters Dash Column 54 Life is a drag

Posted on: July 15, 2015 - Posted in: column

2015 is the year of the new drag superstars, the drag celebrities and the new drag entertainers. What a surprising development, and what a good one too – let me tell you why.
When I moved to Amsterdam drag was almost a taboo. Having worked in a gay club with a herd of drag queens I was quite astonished that in this city drag was not alive and kicking. After a small hi-rise in the 1990’s with drag queens on national television, drag was dead.
Having a lifetime interest in drag queens, I was happily surprised about a show on one of my idols, Ru Paul, airing in America. Who could predict that screening would be so influential? Having turned drag into a true business model, Ru Paul paved the way for thousands of new and drag performers.
As people have nothing more important to do than creating make-up tutorials on youtube and putting their beauty pics on insta, the whole world seems to be dragulised. What started out with men imitating women ended up in women taking make-up inspiration from drag queens. It’s like a circle closing, with a big ombre eyebrow, and some tremendous shaping. Life is a drag and I love it.

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